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Who is Dylan Miller?

Dylan Miller is a narrow-stanced, vegan hiphop head from Canada who paved the way for guys like Drake and Moka Only. Well maybe not (yet) but he’s quite the character and one hell of a wakeboarder. Don’t take it from us though. Check him out in the concluding edit of Slingshot’s Summer Six Pack video series.

BuyWake Pro Rider, Dylan Miller

Dylan Miller's home studio

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Dylan Miller & Dustin O’Ferrall – Bricks Board’n Edit

The dynamic Canadian duo, Dylan Miller and Dustin O’Ferrall, threw on rain coats and extra layers to shred The Bricks wake park in Germany. Ice cold.

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Slingshot Presents the “Summer Six Pack”

Slingshot Wake is supplying refreshments in the form of a weekly six-part video drop dubbed the Summer Six Pack. The videos will include two rider features and a four part series titled “Viva La Texica”. Keep an eye out for BuyWake A-list shredders Dylan Miller and the Shredtown boys getting tubular every Wednesday for the next six weeks. Pro Team Rider Dylan Miller Click for more on Slingshot Wake

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BSR Board’n

Dylan Miller and his band of outlaws head to Waco, TX to shred the ocean blue waters of BSR. Heavy!

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Shredtown feat. Dylan Miller | “Tubular”

Once upon a time, corrugated sheet metal and plastic piping was used to build out houses. Now days’ the creative minds at Shredtown have taken these simple materials and given them new life. Tubuler! This has to be the the funnest edit to watch since the crew debuted Pallets last Fall.

Check it out as the Shredtown crew teams up with Dylan Miller and continues to solidify their reputation as the most creative, original crew in wakeboarding.

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