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X Games Real Wake

ABC’s World of X Games to Showcase First-ever Real Wake Wakeboarding Video Competition

Harley Clifford

Official Press Release via Alliance Wake.

Growing the popular Real Series lineup, the ABC’s World of X Games will air the first-ever Real Wake Driven by MasterCraft video competition this summer, in collaboration with Alliance MultiMedia. The competition will showcase some of the biggest names in wakeboarding today reconnecting the sport with X Games for the first time since 2005.

ESPN X Games and Alliance MultiMedia involved MasterCraft Boats given the company’s long-standing history with X Games and their commitment to supporting competitive wakeboarding and the progression of watersports. Part of a summer-long initiative, Real Wake Driven by MasterCraft will be followed by the MasterCraft Throwdown event on August 8, 2015. Read More >

The Return of Mike Dowdy

So I spoke with Mike yesterday and he is fully cleared to get back on the wakeboard again.  Now don’t jump to conclusions of seeing multiple double flips just yet.  Mike has been busting his ass training and rehabbing his knee slowly to get his knee stronger for longevity.  Only a few weeks ago he started wakesurfing to get the “feel” of being on the water.  The power of the mind is unreal when you focus your thoughts on what you want and Mike wants it all.  We are all stoked to see him ride again, but his great return will come at his pace not ours.

Go get ’em Dirty Mike Dowdy.

2015 better watch out.

2015 better watch out.


Mike Dowdy Speaks on his Mindset, Motivation, and Recent Knee Injury (Video)

Dowdy StareThere comes a time in every athletes career where they are faced with a choice. You either sit on the sidelines and watch, or you chase innovation. You chase your dreams, you set goals and keep working hard. No matter what life throws in your face, there is always a way around any obstacle. While this is such a basic concept, there are only a list of few elite athletes that truly understand this concept. People like Michael Jordan, Sydney Crosby, Shaun White, Ryan Villopoto, Kelly Slater, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, and others. Being an elite athlete doesn’t mean that you are just really good at a sport. There are many athletes that are really really good at a particular sport, but aren’t seen as “elite”. Being elite is taking that extra step. Having your mind, spirit, and body in sync. Working out for an extra 20 minutes, getting to bed early instead of going to the bar, waking up early so that you can get the butter sets, eating right, studying film, and the list could go on and on. When you’re elite, its your whole life. Pleasure quickly turns into business when you are on an elite stage. While some people are sitting on the sidelines, others are chasing new tricks and new gold medals. Thats who I want to be. I want to be just like Shaun White, Michael Jordan, and Tiger woods. I want to chase my dreams, and accomplish things that people say are impossible. I want to be the guy that when all odds are against him, he rises from the bottom and shocks everyone. When it’s time for me too forever hang up my board, I want to look back and know that I really went for it, and want to go down in history as one of the best ever. Now, will that ever happen? Will I ever be remembered as “The best ever?” Who knows. I will never know how people perceive me now and in 10 years. But Im going to do my best to never be forgotten. Read More >

Mike Dowdy (video)

Mike Dowdy teamed up with  Colin Harrington this past summer and laced together this edit for Tigé’s MyWake video Contest. This part was shot in two sets and features back-to-back, wake-to-wake double flips.

More from Mike Dowdy and the BuyWake team

2013 Surf Expo Recap

We love September for three reasons: next year’s product is dropping, the heaviest season edits are being uploaded, and of course Surf Expo – the annual “active lifestyle” trade show in Orlando where the air is tinged with new gear, swimsuit models, and wakeboarding’s elite. We attended Surf Expo this past weekend to get the lowdown on everything 2014 and bump elbows with our industry brethren. It was a wild ride but we persevered. Here’s some of the highlights straight from the floor.

Slingshot Wakeboards 2014 Surf Expo Booth

Shredtown member, Chris Abadie, holding the new 2014 Shredtown Wakeboard and Boots by Slingshot Wakeboards. The guys also debuted a new teaser for their first feature flick “Drop The Gun”, slated for a late Fall release.

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Harley Clifford’s new color scheme for the 2014 Liquid Force Harley Clifford Wakeboard.


Harley Cliffords new boot for 2014

Harley Clifford’s new matching boot for 2014.

More details to come.

The factory ltd. Harley Clifford release – pink on pink!

Click for a bigger view

With the addition of Mike Dowdy’s new pro model, The Dowdy, and Josh Palma’s Reverb, the CWB line has been supercharged for 2014.

King Of Wake Rookie of the Year 2014

Mike Dowdy accepting his 2013 “Wakeboard Move Of The Year” trophy.

Shredtown's "Drop The Gun" exclusive teaser premiering at the Alliance Wake booth during Premiers and Beers.

Shredtown’s “Drop The Gun” exclusive teaser premiering at the Alliance Wake booth during Premiers and Beers.

Keith Lyman stands next to his new Slingshot pro model for 2014.

Yes – he’s real. Keith Lyman stands next to his new Slingshot pro model for 2014. *photo via Slingshot Wake

Danny Hampson was on the receiving end of his first promo boat AND a wake award for 2013.

Danny Hampson was on the receiving end of a few awards this past weekend.

Big shouts to everyone who made time for us down in Surf Expo this past weekend. Special congrats to team riders Mike Dowdy and Danny Hampson for their accomplishments for 2013. Here’s to next year…. Read More >