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Massi Piffaretti – Wakeboarding in the City of Brotherly Love

Massi Piffaretti recently went to Philidelphia of all places with Gordon Harrison and certified GOAT Parks Bonifay for a  Wakeboarding Mag piece. Bryan Soderlind is hands down one of the best photographers on the planet and captured some really insane images and the article is now live!  Do yourself a favor and peep the article.


The Return of Mike Dowdy

So I spoke with Mike yesterday and he is fully cleared to get back on the wakeboard again.  Now don’t jump to conclusions of seeing multiple double flips just yet.  Mike has been busting his ass training and rehabbing his knee slowly to get his knee stronger for longevity.  Only a few weeks ago he started wakesurfing to get the “feel” of being on the water.  The power of the mind is unreal when you focus your thoughts on what you want and Mike wants it all.  We are all stoked to see him ride again, but his great return will come at his pace not ours.

Go get ’em Dirty Mike Dowdy.

2015 better watch out.

2015 better watch out.


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