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2015 Ronix Dealer Days – Recap

Another successful dealer days in the books!

Perfect Washington weather hovering around the mid-70’s, hallowed grounds at Radar Lake, and an exclusive insight to the 2015 Ronix Line.  What more could you ask for?

Chopper Dave Radar Lake

Chopper Dave Radar Lake

This year I got to take John “Bubba” Goza – our Trip to Radar Lake Sweepstakes Winner – up with me.  The Ronix Crew and myself included couldn’t have been luckier to spend a few awesome days with such a solid dude.  It truly was an honor to get to know Bubba and to ride with him.

Bubba and I got into Seattle late Thursday night and since we are both East Coast guys, we were up at the butt crack of dawn the next morning – ready to hear about the new gear and go straight into riding it.  We were about 3 hours early to breakfast, but I got my bowl of Lucky Charms cereal to start off the day – haha. Read More >

The Darwinism of Wakeskating

The Darwinism of Wakeskating

Remember the ol’ Sfumato days when wakeskating was predominately done behind a boat?  With the development of wakeskating and the increasing overall technicality of tricks being thrown everyday, it’s obvious why riders are choosing to take a different approach to riding.  And, of course, we having to drain your pockets to pay for filling up your boat is another obvious reason.  But, is riding behind a boat becoming a thing of the past for new, up-and-coming wakeskaters?

I do not necessarily think so, however, the influences of wakeskating are definitely taking more of a turn towards winch, cable, and PWC; and have ben doing so for quite some time.  Who can deny it, though?  You can learn so much behind the ski, and at a faster pace; you can hit spots that are considered unthinkable with a winch; and cables are popping up all over the place.  Getting out there behind the boat, unfortunately, seems as though it may become a lost art. Read More >

Ronix Dealer Days 2013 at Radar Lake

Over the past the four years our buyer and wake wizard, Billy Witcher AKA ‘Bill the Thrill’, has bumped elbows with wakebooarding’s most prolific people in a host of exclusive settings. This Summer was no different. Upon Billy’s return from his latest trip to Radar Lake for Ronix’s famed Dealer Days, I had to hit him up and get the details.

The Sunset at Radar Lake

So give us the lowdown on Ronix’s Dealer Days. I’ve heard good things.

Dealer Days is basically about a two week period where Ronix dealers are invited up to the “mecca” (Radar Lake) of our sport to spend time with their reps in a more casual environment to check out the new product line, test anything you wanted to, and enjoy a roaring bonfire each night while throwing back some cold ones. Oh yeah, you don’t go home hungry either. The ladies up there know how to throw down and make a mean spread for every meal! Read More >

DEFY on NetworkA

The online action sports channel NetworkA, wich can be found at the intersection of Surf, Skate, Snow, BMX, Ski, & Moto – recently added a clip from DEFY to their YouTube page. The clip showcases Dean Smith‘s exceptional kicker skills and gives wakeboarding a brief, but impactful spotlight in the arena of mainstream action sports. We hope this trend continues.


Chad Sharpe | Lifejacket PSA

Alliance Visual Experiences and the WSF worked with Chad Sharpe to produce a lifejacket wear PSA for the US Coast Guard. Most of these PSAs are pretty dry and kooky, but AVE was able to come up with a concept that turned out pretty cool. Check out Chad’s story about nearly drowning after a hard fall last year.

Browse life vests at here.