Harley Clifford Wins 2016 Wake Open!

Harley is starting off 2016 exactly how he wanted.  Winning.  The level of tricks going down between him, Mike Dowdy, Dean Smith and others is astonishing.   This year’s Nautique Wake Open at Orlando Watersports Complex featured a packed crowd of onlookers and the best wakeboarders and wakeskaters in the world.  Legend JD Webb even through down and proved that he still has what it take stop be on the podium.

Watch Harley’s Winning Run

Catching up with Blake Bishop

 recently caught up with Blake Bishop to talk about his new Slingshot LTD wakeboard and what he plans on doing with his summer riding.  Check it out!

Blake Bishop LTD

How did you find out about your first collab board with slingshot and Buywake?
Derek Davis from Ambush/BuyWake called me while I was in Australia and told me on my 18th birthday. It’s probably the best birthday present I have ever gotten, haha. I can’t thank BuyWake and Slingshot enough for making a board with my name on it.

What’s your favorite part about the board?
The color way and graphic we’re a perfect combination and the Shredtown base is my favorite. The Shredtwon base is so good and different than the rest of the boards so combining my favorite base and shape made for everything I could ask for in a board. Also, Windsor is one of my best friends so to have my name on his board shape that I usually ride was super cool. I was staying with Windsor in Australia at the time I found out so it was super cool.

What are your plans for the summer?
Jamboree is at the end of this month and I got an invite to it so I am super hyped on that. It’s the best rail contest in America all year so that will be fun. Then I am going to Fise right after that in France and then hopefully spend some time in Europe after the contest. There are so many good cable parks over there I want to hit. I also have the #BTownCompound which is my private System 2.0 that I have been working on building new stuff at which will be fun to ride and shoot on when I am home. The VWC crew is also working on The Coalition Movie so I am working on filming my first full part which will be out at the end of the season. It’s going to be a busy summer riding in contest and shooting but it’ll be fun.

Any new things happening at your park?
So much stuff is happening at my park right now. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have been up to this winter building and completely re-desiging the park. I wan’t to try and keep it a secret until we can film and put out legit video and photos from the park.

Favorite trick to do on the wall right now?
I think toe side back 5 into the wall is my favorite right now. Or switch back lip on the top has been fun lately. The possibilities are really endless and it helps you become more comfortable on other rails and winching hitting a wall like that. Nose grab Front three is a fun one too that I have been doing a lot lately.

Remember to sign up to try and win 1 of 10 of Blake Bishop’s new collab board with BuyWake and Slingshot. Only 4 boards remain so make sure you act fast!

The Coalition Vol. 6 : Winter Vibes



The boys have been steady killing it down at Valdosta Wake Compound filming for The Coalition movie that should be out around Surf Expo time.  Seriously these guys are not only good wakeboarders, but they are putting in the work building and doing the damn thing!  Make sure you keep up with The Coalition crew here.

Shout out to Riders : Quinn Silvernale, Wesley Jacobsen, Justin Lee, Ty Morlang, Wes Huber, Bammer Rehn aka Chaboy
Music : Paul Simon – Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

Ambush Board Co. x BuyWake.com x Slingshot Blake Bishop LTD Wakeboard



We partnered up with our friends at Slingshot to bust out this Ambush Board Co./BuyWake.com edition Blake Bishop LTD wakeboard, a super clean, customized iteration of the Slingshot Windsor.  Only 10 were produced.  You can buy one…or…you can enter for a chance to win 1 of 10.



Harley Clifford wins 2016 Moomba Masters

Deja Vu?

Well don’t call it a comeback, but our man Harley already has a win under his belt to start this 2016 season.  Another familiar face on the podium is our boy Mike Dowdy and that means one thing….it’s ON this year.  We heard there were plenty of 1080 variations plus some double flips (naturally right?) from the Moomba Masters so as soon as winning videos are up will will post them.  Cheers to the Nautique crew from putting on another epic contest down under.  Congrats boys can’t wait to see you guys stateside soon!

Moomba Masters Podium (Pro Mens)