Byerly x Butch Customs Surfer Contest!

Enter to win this custom hand shaped surfer from Scott “Butch” Bouchard!

Legendary surf shaper and former pro surfer Butch custom built this board just for one of our fans!  Butch has been shaping wakeboards and surfers for Hyperlite and Byerly Boards  for a very long time.  This is one of the best chances that you’ll ever get to own a true custom shaped surfer for all your wakesurf needs!  Show us some sweet moves behind the boat surfing and Butch himself will pick the winner so act fast the contest is over at the end of the month! Get those videos submitted!

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Checkout what goes into making a hand shaped board in this time-lapse video.  Pretty slick right?!?

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Ronix Review w/ Micah and Mertes

2015 Ronix Kinetik Project & El Von Videl Schnook Review!

Ronix Wakeboardsput a huge amount of research and development into their products and it shows.  Two of the best selling and most popular wakeboards in the 2015 lineup are the Kinetik Project and the El Von Videl Schnook.  We decided to send Ambush Board Co. and employees Micah and Mertes to our local spot, Terminus Wake Park, for a little shred session and see how the two boards feel firsthand.  Don’t be fooled by the hilarious good times and all the high fives, these dudes are all business!  Watch the video below and read for yourself how they feel about the boards.


The Ronix 2015 Kinetik Project

“Brand new for 2015, the Ronix Kinetik Project is one of the best and most innovative cable boards I have ever ridden.  After a few laps around the park the first thing I noticed was how responsive and how alive the board felt under my feet.  The mixture of foam and wood makes the board super light, but also very durable.  The thing that stood out the most for me was how much pop that board has out of the water.  The two rocker lines make the board explode out of the water.  One of the coolest things is how responsive this board was on features.  The stored energy in the board makes it snap off  and on rails like a breeze.

Ronix 2015 Kinetik Project Intelligent Core (Metallic Black/Fresh Bait) Wakeboard

Ronix 2015 Kinetik Project Intelligent Core (Metallic Black/Fresh Bait) Wakeboard

“The board is nice and soft in the tip and tail, making presses look amazing, but it is also stiff enough in between your feet for a solid feel that makes landings off the kicker a bit easier on your knees.  Another cool thing about this board is the concave in the nose and tail.  With more round rails showing up and being built at cable parks all over the world the concave helps the board lock into presses on the rail and not slip out.  So, all in all this board is one of the most fun boards I have ever ridden and puts a smile on my face and stoke in my heart.  If you want the best on the water fun you could ever experience, grab a Kenetik Project and see for yourself.  I promise you won’t be sorry.”

-Micah Ingalls


The Ronix 2015 El Von Videl Schnook

“The El Von Videl Schnook is for the all around cable park shredder.  This board has the most locked in landing off all kickers and rails.  What I mean by this is the feeling you get when you land is “bolts”!  There’s hardly any bouncing around after you hit the water.  Another feature of this board I really like is the very durable base is slick and catch free.

Ronix 2015 El Von Videl Schnook Nu Core 2.0 (Barber Poll) Wakeboard

Ronix 2015 El Von Videl Schnook Nu Core 2.0 (Barber Poll) Wakeboard

“Like the Kinetic Project, the El Von Videl Schnook also has concave in the nose and tail for easy lock-ins on round rails.  Overall this board rips and rides fast.  S,o if you are trying to go big and charging everyday at the park, I definitely recommend the El Von Videl Schnook.”

          -Nick Mertes


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X Games Real Wake

ABC’s World of X Games to Showcase First-ever Real Wake Wakeboarding Video Competition

Harley Clifford

Official Press Release via Alliance Wake.

Growing the popular Real Series lineup, the ABC’s World of X Games will air the first-ever Real Wake Driven by MasterCraft video competition this summer, in collaboration with Alliance MultiMedia. The competition will showcase some of the biggest names in wakeboarding today reconnecting the sport with X Games for the first time since 2005.

ESPN X Games and Alliance MultiMedia involved MasterCraft Boats given the company’s long-standing history with X Games and their commitment to supporting competitive wakeboarding and the progression of watersports. Part of a summer-long initiative, Real Wake Driven by MasterCraft will be followed by the MasterCraft Throwdown event on August 8, 2015.

A premier group of athletes were invited to compete in this summer’s Real Wake Driven by MasterCraft competition with professional filmers capturing these riders performing never-before-seen tricks in a wide variety of backdrops ranging from iconic lake locations to urban settings. The eight world-class wakeboarders invited are Harley Clifford, Raph Derome, Chris “Shredtown” Abadie, Aaron Rathy, Rusty Malinoski, Shota Tezuka, Daniel Grant and Mike Dowdy. Similar to other Real Series competitions, these athletes were given the opportunity to choose the filmer they felt was most capable of capturing their vision and own unique style.

Initial footage and behind-the-scenes teaser segments will be posted on beginning in June, followed by the release of eight individual Real Wake Driven by MasterCraft athlete segments on July 15. Extremely interactive and engaging by design, fans will have a chance to view and vote for their favorite video online. The fan favorite winner will be awarded a $5,000 cash prize.

The Real Wake Driven by MasterCraft competition will culminate in a one-hour World of X Games show produced by Alliance MultiMedia slated to air at 4 p.m. ET on Sunday, July 26 on ABC. The show will feature the top six video segments, behind-the-scenes footage and athlete interviews. The athletes and filmers themselves will then select the top three videos to be awarded gold, silver and bronze X Games medals along with cash prizes.

“I am so excited for Real Wake this year,” said Harley Clifford. “With X Games being the pinnacle of action sports, it’s really going to give me the chance to showcase what I love about wakeboarding and the way I am trying to push the sport, especially having Greg Browning as my filmer and producer!”

World of X Games is a weekly program on ABC which features a variety of X Games and action sports athlete-focused content. Scheduling is subject to change; check local listings for additional details. More information on Real Wake Driven by MasterCraft can be found on for fans or on for members of the media. Follow the X Games on Twitter at and join the conversation using #RealWake.

Harley Clifford – The Perfect Score

Before the 2015 Nautique Boats Masters, a perfect score of 100.00 had only been achieved once in professional board sports competition history, and it was in snowboarding.   Shaun White scored a perfect 100.00 in the 2012 Winter X Games half pipe and set the internet on fire with praisers and haters a like.  The question we’re all asking, is a perfect 100.00 something that competing athletes strive for?

Watch below and ask yourself did he score a 100.00 or 99.73?


Fast forward to 2015 and check out Harley Clifford’s final run that scored him a perfect 100.00 at the 2015 Nautique Boats Masters.


Now understand this…we know the comparison of wakeboarding to snowboarding is a long shot, but without a doubt, Harley Clifford truly deserved a perfect score of 100.00.  If you’re able to link those same tricks together, then you too deserve a perfect score.  Harley Clifford’s perfect score run will forever go into the history books as “the perfect run” and you can’t take that away from him.  So to all you wakeboarders out there that want to get into this sport – start learning double flips.  Seriously the game has changed. Shout out to Chad Hesse, hitting the first ever triple flip in wakeboarding history. 2015 is already a great year for the wakeboarding record books!


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Shredtown Jamboree Day 3 | Best Line Park

3rd and final day of the Shredtown Jamboree

As if things couldn’t get any crazier at the Shredtown Jamboree they finally dropped the Best Line video!  Watch our Team Rider Dylan Miller and the crew put together some of the most insane lines with a degree of difficulty that’s off the charts!  This was hands down one of the best rider contest ever done and we can’t wait to get out to Shredtown next year for another Jamboree!

On the 3rd and final day of the Shredtown Jamboree riders overall talents were put to the test for the best 3 trick line event in the main park. The wedge to handrail, the choice of the double rooftop or wedge to pipe step down and finishing up with the culvert to deck kicker. After 4 rounds of 5 the athletes voted Dylan Miller, Daniel Grant, James Windsor and Raph Derome all through to a final round. Check out all the action here and find out who takes the cake in the best line event!

Raph Derome
Dylan Miller
Shredtown Jamboree GroupFinal Group