A Young Scott Byerly Wakeboarding at a Massachusetts Demo in 1994

circa 1996This blast from the past provides a rare glimpse of what it was like to be a top tiered pro wakeboarder in 1994. What’s glaringly evident in this video is Byerly’s then-unprecedented surf/skate style. Back in 1994 this was very unique, as wakeboarding’s elite consisted mostly of previously aspiring waterskiiers. Scott Byerly made wakeboarding cool, not the other way around.

Enter Hit It! in 1996.

Fast forward two years later. The twin tip wakeboard was giving riders an entirely new perspective and wakeboarders started experimenting more with extended pylons, weighting, and double ups. Hit It! signified the beginning of wakeboarding’s golden era and solidified Scott’s role as “the godfather“. Yeah, Darin Shapiro could huck two flips around, but he didn’t have that charismatic dissenting style. I’m often asked by skateboarder’s “what makes Byerly a legend?” I often answer their question with another question,”What makes Lance Mountain a legend?” They usually get it after that.


Now Scott runs his own sub-brand under industry giant, Hyperlite Wake MFG., and  is the ringleader of a group of young vagabonds known as team byerly. Guys like Aaron Rathy and Brenton Priestly keep his tradition alive and continue to push the sport in directions that the proverbial wake jock will never be able to understand. That, my friends, is legacy at its finest.

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Team Hyperlite Delivers Wakeboarding at Bethany Creek Resort in Texas

It’s no secret that the Hyperlite Team shines bright behind the boat. Jimmy Lariche, Rusty Malinoski, and JD Webb all have a history of being “the one’s to watch” when it comes time to pile into the G23. In this short edit shot at Bethany Creek Resort in Texas, the boys leverage their boat skills into this 2 min 40 sec heater full of creative wake tricks. One footers, osmosis tricks, and tons of off the wall invert variations make this edit “favorite worthy”.

It's BuyWake Month at Hyperlite

It's Hyperlite Month at BuyWake.com


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Opening Day Party at Terminus Wake Park

May 3, 2014.

Our friends at Terminus Wake Park are planning a big opening day party to kickstart the season and celebrate their first full season in business. This is a milestone for the Atlanta wakeboard scene! Take it from the crew at Terminus:

It’s almost time to open our doors once again and get the cables spinning this season! We would like to welcome you all to our grand opening celebration for Georgia’s first full-size cable wake park on May 3.

Terminus Wake Park is an official partner of the LakePoint Sporting Community and is also their first recreational park to open in 2014! From first-timers to professional athletes–of all watersports disciplines–Terminus Wake Park invites all skill levels to experience one of the largest and most unique cable wake parks in the country. Terminus will be fully operational with both full-size lakes (clockwise and counter clockwise) and their System 2.0 lake running!

Join us for a day of riding, food, music, giveaways, and entertainment as we officially kick off the start of this new adventure! Friends and family will have the luxury of enjoying our amenities for the day, as well as hanging out on the NEW HYDRO TURF! We’re excited for you all to see our newest additions to the park, including an elaborate series of rail and slider features on both full-size lakes!

See you all on the water, soon!

For any inquiries, please e-mail info@terminuswakepark.com or visit the Terminus Wake Park homepage. You can also stay in the loop on Facebook and Instagram.

Making a Wakeboard with Scott Bouchard of Byerly and Hyperlite

Scott Bouchard’s name is synonymous with innovation, especially when it comes to wakeboard designs. He is the man behind the first finless Hyperlite Byerly pro model, the radical Hyperlite Byerly design from 2005 that featured four cut-away sections for water channelling, and countless other successful pro model wakeboards. His track record has earned the trust of top-tiered professional wakeboarders like JD Webb and Aaron Rathy, who recently commissioned Scott to R&D their 2014 shapes.

“After seeing Butch’s R&D facility first hand, then having him explain the wakeboard construction process, we could really see how much a Master he is at his craft”, explains BuyWake.com Creative Director, Derek Davis. “Butch probably understands hydrodynamics better than a Scientist.”

Here is a brief peak into the world of Scott Bouchard. Check it out as he takes us through the construction process and creates a one-of-a-kind Byerly flex wakeboard in front of your eyes. For more on the Hyperlite and Byerly team, product specials, and more, visit BuyWake.com today.

Butch's "Press" is a bit different than our.

Scott Bouchard for Byerly Wakeboards

For more on the Hyperlite and Byerly team, product specials, and more, visit BuyWake.com now for Hyperlite month.


JD Webb at BSR for Hyperlite

JD Webb is well known for his abilities on Wakeboard Features so we brought him to Texas for Spring Break where he could put those skills to the test at BSR Wake Park. JD had never visited the park but his eyes lit up as soon as we arrived and he was like a kid in a candy shop the entire week. Spencer Norris followed JD around and put this clip together for our enjoyment. The crew at BSR let us move some things around and it didn’t take JD long to maneuver a kicker in front of their new kink-rail.”

JD Webb

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