Harley Clifford Wins the Wake Open in Texas

Don’t call it a comeback – Harley wins Big in Texas

1st Place Belt Buckle

Custom made Belt Buckle for 1st Place

They say everything is bigger in Texas right?  The level of riding this past weekend at the Texas stop of the Nautiques Wake Series Wake Open featured a stacked list of riders all gunning for the podium.  Several seasoned riders missed the cut into the finals, but one rider that made it that had everyone stoked was JD Webb.  Webb a veteran contest rider made his way through hard work and technical tricks and was dubbed the Peoples Champ that weekend.  The finals were smooth and everyone rode really well, but once again Harley Clifford etched out everyone else to take the top spot.

Harley Clifford wins Wake Open

1st Place Winner!

Watch Harley’s winning run:

The next stop in the Wakeboard World Series is the Cancun Pro April 24th-26th.  It is one of the stops that riders mark on their calendars every year…seriously wakeboarding in paradise and one of the biggest money stops of the series.

Cancun Pro Prize Money

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The New Slingshot Wakeboard That Every Girl Wants!

Corrie Wilson

“I love how forgiving the Pearl is” – Corrie Wilson

Corrie has been shredding the Slingshot Pearl for years and she absolutely loves it.  If you were fortunate enough to see The Voyage then you know how good she rides!  One of her newest adventures is she now works for The World Wakeboard Association (The WWA) to help market and promote all the events for the season.  To top that off she also competes in the women’s division and is a contender a just about every stop!  Basically, Corrie is a rockstar and if she is backing the Pearl then you know it’s good!

Are you a girl looking to get into wakeboarding? Do you want a board that can shred behind the boat and your local cable park? If your answer is yes, then the 2015 Slingshot Pearl is for you.  Do you want the total package?  Pair the Pearl with the Jewel bindings for the ultimate wakeboard set up!

2015 Slingshot Pearl Wakeboard:

If you’re ready to rip, the 2015 Pearl is for you. Featuring the Future Response Technology and ES Base, this board is great for both the boat and the cable. It takes on the wake well and is perfect for rail riding with the continuous rocker. This is one of the friendliest boards on the market right now. Easy transition from edge to edge and max comfort in the stance adjustment. This one is a no-brainer and it doesn’t hurt that the graphic is super cute!


2015 Slingshot Jewel Wakeboard Bindings:

These boots are a real gem. The 2015 Jewel features dual zone closure which includes a laced lower and a Velcro upper. This closure system is designed to maximize your comfort and ability to adjust. Enjoy the bottomless base system which will give you the total boot to board experience.


Here is a great video of Corrie riding the Pearl.

This video highlights the Jewel Binding’s features.

What are you waiting for?  Be sure to visit BuyWake.com for all your wakeboard needs. Call our rider hotline today (800) 709-9253 or email us Sales@BuyWake.com for any questions you have!

Let’s make this season a great one!

Scott Stewart Interview | The Resurgence of Boat Riding

Behind the Rider | Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart is one of those riders that makes you second guess your skills behind the boat.  Scott has a knack for going big…really big, but in the most stylish way possible.  Over five years ago he won the BuyWake.com Global Rider Search V2 and his video edit had the internet buzzing.  Since then Scott has grown more mature personally and his riding has strikingly improved.  His passion for wakeboarding is obvious and his commitment to keeping style and amplitude his main focus.  Those are just some of the reasons why we like him.

Scott Stewart wake carve

Photo: Bryan Soderlind


We threw some Qs at Scott Stewart and he threw some As back at us.  Check it out.

BW: What athletic background do you have?  Before wakeboarding did you play any competitive sports?
SS: I grew up skateboarding and snowboarding.  I was never really into any team sports, but I played football for a few years.

BW: Do you ever get out and rip a wakeskate set?  Do you skate?
SS: I used to wakeskate a little bit, but now when I get a sesh, I just want to ride my board.  I skate a decent amount, not at much as I used to.  But, slowly working on a new ramp!

BW: Describe the Blue Pill.  What does it mean to you to design your own wakeboard?  How does it feel to ride a board that you had so much design input on?
SS: The Blue Pill is the best board I have ever ridden.  I know I’m a bit biased since Tony Logosz (owner of Slingshot) and I shaped it for my needs, but she rips!
It’s an aggressive ride, yet still an easy board to handle.  Quickest edge-to-edge transfer with a narrower overall profile, full double concave with a mellow center spine down the whole deck.  It ads to that quick edge transfer and makes landings cush.  The Naca Tech in the tip and tail add the extra grip and control in high speed turns I wanted.  I am thankful for the opportunity to help design a board that is focused towards big wake riding.  It means a lot that Slingshot believed in me and have given me a chance to step up.  It’s really nice to have gear that helps you grow!

Scott Stewart Behind the Boat

Photo: Bryan Soderlind


BW:  What are your current thoughts on competitive wakeboarding?  This year there are more wakeboarding contests with PWT coming back plus events like the Nautique Wake Series and more .  Is Wake in a good state?
I like the competitive side, I would like to do contests.  All the companies getting involved and having their own series can’t be anything but positive.  It’s getting boarding out there more often, which means more people will see it, hopefully.  I have never put to much emphasis on events.  I was coming up when most of my favorite riders were never really winning events.  I know it’s a tough job to judge all those riders, but would like to see going big be recognized a little more.

BW: OK.  Mellow session with the homies, what are your first three tricks?

  1. Switch mute back 1
  2. Tail back 1
  3. Switch mute cab 3


BW: Alright.  Hot chicks in the boat, what are your first three tricks?
 Same tricks just bigger.

BW: How would you compare your riding from when you won the BuyWake.com Global Rider Search to where you are this year?
Evolved.  Challenging myself to take tricks bigger is where I feel progression.  Always working on something new…always.  It’s never-ending constant improvement.

BW: How do companies like Ambush Board Co., BuyWake.com, and Slingshot, and athletes such as yourself help grow wakeboarding more?  Are we missing something?

Sharing the passion with everything you do and everywhere you go.  Whether that is being at an event, video parts, organizing new events, coaching, or just talking to people.  Continually show how great wakeboading is and why we all love it.
I would like to see athletes have better support from companies.  Everyone wants big things and big progression in wakeboarding.  Some sponsors hardly support the athletes who rip, expecting them to be full-time riders, yet those riders have to get second jobs to even get on the water.  Support the guys who rip and have talent and give them opportunity to prove it.  That’s when we will start seeing more progression.

Scott Stewart Method

BW: Top five songs to rock in the boat at The Boarding School?
Depends on the day, and student diversity.  Usually rock Pandora, and varies from Tupac radio all the way to Billy Idol.

BW: What groms out there do you think will have the most impact in the next five years?
Haven’t followed to many groms riding, but I dig Gunnar Daft’s riding.  He doesn’t huck, and he’s got style!

BW: In your estimation, does cable park riding overshadow boat riding?
No.  If anything, they compliment each other.  Cable riding is making it accessible to so many more people and helping the growth of wakeboarding as a whole.

BW: Is wakesurfing compromising wakeboarding?
SS: No.  Wakesufing has helped many people get into the lake life or return to it.  It’s all good.  The only thing it hurts is the glass water when your trying to sesh, hah!

BW: What are your top three dream jobs, if there was such a thing?  What do you see yourself doing after wakeboarding?
Snowboarder.  Photographer.  Survivalist.  Living…


Check out this video of Scott ripping on the Slingshot Blue Pill.  Below…see his original edit from his Global Rider Search V2 submission video.

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Nautique Boats extends Moomba Masters to 2020

ORLANDO, FL (March 10, 2015) – Nautique and the Victorian Water Ski Association (VWSA) are proud to announce their extended partnership cementing Nautique as the exclusive towboat of the Moomba Masters Invitational held in Melbourne, Australia through 2020.

“We are proud to continue our longstanding partnership with Nautique and we’re extremely excited for what the future holds,” commented VWSAPresident and Moomba Masters Chairman Darren Robertson. “This year was once again a success and we’ve already started on new ideas for next year to take this world class event to the next level,” added Robertson.

The Moomba Masters Invitational was held this past weekend with record breaking attendance of over 200,000 spectators lining the shores of the Yarra River to watch the world’s best athletes compete exclusively behind the world record breaking Ski Nautique 200 and the award winning Super Air Nautique G23.

Athletes from around the globe looked to claim their first title of the season on the infamous Yarra River. For the second year in a row, Team Nautique dominated Women’s Tricks with Natallia Berdnikava upsetting top seed Erika Lang to claim this year’s tricks title with Lang in second and Whitney McClintock rounding out the podium. McClintock claimed her fourth consecutive Women’s Slalom title as well as the Overall title. Jacinta Carroll defended her Jump title for the second year in a row, also placing first in Night Jump and second in Overall. Fellow Nautique athlete Marion Mathieu placed third in Jump, second in Night Jump, and third in Overall. Nautique wakeboard athletes Meagan Ethell and Raimi Merritt took second and third respectfully while Noah Flegel placed third in Men’s Wakeboard. Team Nautique slalom phenom Nate Smith made a come back after being injured most of last season to claim the Slalom title once again. Nautique’s newest addition Aliaksei Zharnasek won Men’s Tricks and Joshua Briant claimed third in Overall.

“Nautique is thrilled to extend our partnership with the Victorian Water Ski Association and the Moomba Masters. This is a world class event that gives water ski and wakeboard athletes a very unique platform to compete behind the world’s best boats,” stated Nautique President/CEO Bill Yeargin. “The competition was amazing and I would like to congratulate all of the competitors on another successful Moomba Masters,” Yeargin added.

To see the best boats in the world visit Nautique’s site and even try the custom boat builder to design the boat of your dreams!

The Weekend Getaway

So our Team Rider and young up and coming Blake Bishop has a dreamy private cable park in the rolling hills of Georgia.  Recently Blake and some of the Slingshot wake team riders descended upon his watering hole and Patrick Wieland filmed a killer edit.  Sit back and watch Blake Bishop, Pierce Bishop, Ben Leclair, James Windsor, Steffen Vollert, Alex Graydon, and Manu Rupp go off at the B Town Compound.