Wakeboard History with Eddie Beverly

Wakeboard History 101

A Phone Interview with Eddie Beverly

Eddie Beverly has been our Hyperlite rep since day one.  We have grown our business and our friendship together over the years, all the while listening to him tell some of the funniest and most captivating and informative stories.  The one thing we want you all to know is that Eddie is the truth.  This guy was and is a part of wakeboarding history, having been there when the first wakeboard was made and when the term “wakeboard” was coined.  Eddie has been committed to growing the sport since its birth, and has played a key role in developing the Hyperlite brand.  Can you imagine the things he has seen while traveling with the legends Parks Bonifay and Scott Byerly?  Dude is a legend…surrounded by legends.  Eddie has been doing Hyperlite for 30 years.  He is most likely more physically fit then you, and has a way better tan.  We want to share with you a few of his stories, and not so much in a podcast format, but in what a typical phone conversation would be like.  There are a few gems in this 18+ minute conversation…so pay close attention.  I could have let him talk for hours on end, but I’m thinking about making a few more of these in the future with even better, funnier stories.  Eddie is in Seattle right now checking out the 2017 Hyperlite line, and I can’t wait for him to get back and get us some sneak peaks of the goods!

Sit back and listen to a little wakeboarding history and other fun stories with me and Eddie.  Enjoy!

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MyWake Video | Valdosta Wake Compound

Austin Pratt put together some clips of the ‪#‎spacemob‬ at Valdosta Wake Compound for the TIge My Wake contest.   This core group of riders are constantly changing the game of Cable Riding and MORE.  Help the boys out with a vote when the time comes as all that money will be poured back into the park for the riders!  LET’S GO!!!!


Justin Lee Summer Set with BuyWake.com’s Nautique G21

No summertime sadness here, more like summertime radness.  Check out this sweet little video that our team rider and official Dad Cam award winner of the 2016 Shredtown Jamboree, Cole Vanthof, put together of Justin Lee.  You can take Justin to any lake and he can throw it down, but you put him behind our award-winning Nautique G21, and he steps it up a few notches.  We look forward to getting out and putting together more gems like this for you guys…so stay tuned and make sure you follow our Instagram and Facebook for more hotness!  #TheRealBuyWake



Also…go to BuyWake.com and check out what Justin is rocking with Humanoid Wake this season!

2016 Nautique Masters Tournament

Stars on the Water, Warriors in the Sun!

What a weekend!  The 57th Nautique Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament was held at the prestigious Callaway Gardens on the legendary Robin Lake.  This year was a special one for a few reasons, but…most notably, it was Lee Elliott’s 19th Masters and Eddie Beverly’s 31st!  That’s a combined 50 years between the two of them!  As a thank you, we whipped up this gem of a photo and presented it to them.

Lee and Eddie's 50th Masters

On Friday every year Nautique puts on the “Nautique Open” golf tournament that features a bunch of athletes and industry friends.  The golf tournament is equally as important to some of the riders as the on-water events.  Seriously, it’s always fun getting paired up with friends and leveling the playing field off the water.  Look, I’m not throwing any backside 7s anytime soon, but I’ll put up a solid fight on the course and send a few over 300 yards down the pipe.  This year Ambush Board Co./BuyWake.com Team Rider, Cole Vanthof, came with us and put together a fun little Instagram video.

Such a good time!  Good ole JD Webb with the classic ender on that one!   Before most of the action, Cole and I walked the historic grounds and filmed some of the best-looking boats we’ve ever seen.  Nautique had their prized possession on site; a 1961 all original Ski Nautique, as well as every brand new 2016 model G Series.  Hands down, having good partners like JL Audio, Seadek, PCM Marine, Roswell Marine, and a few others truly made the on-site experience of the Masters a joy to be apart of.

As for the on-water action, we missed having our team rider, Harley Clifford, on site, but due to a injury suffered from filming his X Games part, we knew our ace up the sleeve would be the one and only Mike Dowdy.  Mike knew that, if he gave it a solid go with his usual bag of tricks, he could walk away a Masters champion.  Watching Mike’s run I knew he had it, but seeing JD Webb ride as well as I’ve ever seen, I knew it would be close.  Dowdy did indeed take the top honors this year, and we just know that it’s going to be the first of many Masters wins.  Our homegirl, Nicola Butler, rounded out the women’s podium with a 3rd place finish, with Nautique athletes Megan Ethnell and Erika Lang taking 1st and 2nd, respectively.  In the wakeskate battle it was Ambush/BuyWake rider Danny Hampson vs. arguably the two best in the world right now; Reed Hansen and Brian Grubb.  When it is all on the line nobody has more competitive focus then Brian Grubb.  The guy is just a machine.  Grubb would go on to take the win, making him a back-to-back champion, and a holder of a total of three Masters victories in the wakeskate division.

Once again Cole killed it with his Dad Cam and captured a few video gems like this one!

Dad made it to the 2016 @nautiqueboats masters. #thekidsareripping #nautiquemasters 📹: @cole_vanthof

A video posted by ambushboardco (@ambushboardco) on

There is no greater event then the Nautique Masters, and we look forward to carrying on the tradition and being a part of this event for years to come.  We hope to see you all again next year for the 58th Masters!

2016 Shredtown Jamboree Video

It Goes Down at Shredtown

The time has come for all of us wake enthusiasts to get our minds blown from watching the worlds best wakeboarders.  The Shredtown Jamboree is a invite only event held at the Shredtown ranch near Dallas, TX.  Our BuyWake Team Riders Andrew, Davis, and Chris are arguably the most talented winch and park riders in the game today, and the obstacles they build are legendary to say the lease.  Inviting the worlds most talented park riders just so happened to include some of our other Team Riders; Dylan Miller, Quinn Silvernale, Blake Bishop, Wesley Mark Jacobsen, and Felix Georgii.  Yup, that’s eight total BuyWake/Ambush riders in a 15-rider invite.  The odds were good that one of our boys would come out on top.  This year it was Quinn who took home the Best Line Award!  The surprise award of the night was most certainly the “Dad Cam” award that our boy Cole Vanthof won.  Cole kept the boys in his sights day and night with his sick zooms and night vision.  Being a badass wakeboarder is OK, but…if you also have video skills to go along with it, you’re basically a game-changer.  Steffen Vollert is a master at both wake and video and put together one of the coolest videos ever!  Sit back with a cold one and watch all action go down!

Watch the behind the scenes Dad Cam video that Cole produced:

Here are a few of our favorite images from legendary photographer *Bear:


Can’t wait for next year!  What will they think of next?